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Sean Hewitt


Hewitt’s paintings, abstract acrylics on canvas, exude zest and vivacity. Bright colours mesh, merge and move, as if in a dance or somehow to represent the sounds of music. They’re immediately compelling, the antidote to the greyest of days, and yet as much as they’re bold and confident, they possess a subtlety, something hard to define, but which again reminds me of music – of, say, a minor chord played softly in a jazz ballad. 

“Absolutely,” says Hewitt. “I couldn’t be without music. It informs my work and influences everything I do. When I’m listening to music I get completely absorbed and disappear into it.

If art and music go together when Hewitt picks up a paint brush, poetry is not far behind. He has created work based on poems by John Clare and Jack Clemo while a show ‘ Play It Loud – A song of Wandering ‘ at the Crypt Gallery in St Ives, was anchored in the poetry of W B Yeats. “I love Yeats’ cyclic vision of life, of the way he harnesses the circle, which is such a primeval shape,”


Alex Wade

Arts Editor Cornwall Today

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